Gen Con 2024 Event: Master the art of worldbuilding in a TTRPG writer's room

Level up your worldbuilding by watching professional writers, TTRPG creators & worldbuilders create an improvised setting in real time using prompts from Deck of Worlds and discuss their process live.

Note: This event has not yet been approved by Gen Con.

Enjoy a front-row seat inside a TTRPG writer's room. A panel of pros will draw random prompts from The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds and create a fantasy setting live, explaining their creative choices and providing tips and tricks for building worlds that hook your players and have the party always coming back for more.

No experience quired with writing, Game Mastering, tabletop RPGs, The Story Engine, or Deck of Worlds. Just bring a sense of curiosity and adventure. Panel lineup will be announced in late spring or early summer.

Learn Deck of Worlds in 10 minutes