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"Truly, hands down, one of the best writing and world building tools I have in my tool belt now."

—Christian W.

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We've helped 15,000 Dungeon Masters unlock "God Mode" for storytelling and worldbuilding

30 billion campaign ideas for the cost of a rulebook

"I got tired of spending money on D&D campaigns. I'd use the book once and then the inspiration was gone. So I designed a deck to help you create 30 billion campaign hooks, NPCs, items, settings, and more. Now I never run out of ways to keep my players hooked."

Aurora Award-winning deck designer Peter Chiykowski


"One of my all-time favorite storytelling tools."

—Storyteller Treehouse


Who are you?

We're Peter, Miroki, and Eric: a small team of 3 writers/TTRPG storytellers who design decks of prompts to help GMs and writers tell stories, build worlds, and unlock their full creative potential.

Can your decks help me?

Our decks have helped 15,000 GMs, writers, worldbuilders, artists, and teachers of every ability level. Read through our reviews below and you'll find everyone from aspiring GMs to published multi-award-winning authors who swear by our decks. We've designed our website with GMs in mind, but you can learn more about how writers use the deck on our "for writers" page.

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We ship to almost every country worldwide and we have thresholds to unlock free shipping to the US, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Of course! Just reach out through the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able.