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Deck of Worlds

Worldbuilding Prompts Deck

Worldbuilding Prompts Deck

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The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds is a set of 240 cards for creating imagined lands, local lore, and story-driven world maps you can instantly explore through writing or roleplay.

It contains 6 card types that combine to create layered micro-settings. Assemble micro-settings into an interconnected world map rich in lore, geography, history, culture, ecology, and current events.


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Deck of Worlds inspires worldbuilders and writers of all kinds.

For writers.

Start worldbuilding faster. Jumpstart your creative process and make the most of your creative time.

Build better, more immersive worlds. The 6-card prompting system helps created well-rounded worlds with past, present, and future lore.

Enjoy the process of world creation more. The deck is a beautiful, hands-on tool for immersing yourself in the process of making a fictional world.

For D&D and TTRPG players.

Make your worlds more immersive. Captivate your players with lore-rich worlds of towering cities, ancient cultures, and sprawling wilderness.

Create story-powered settings. There's nothing worse than building an awesome world your players don't engage with. Advent cards ensure that there's a story hook ready to pull players into every microsetting.

Build a world and start playing in a single session. The deck helps builds worlds on your own, or as a group, that you can instantly start exploring through roleplay.

For artists.

Create instant set piece ideas. Give yourself inspiration for detail-rich isettings full of lore, cultures, art, architecture, wildlife, and more.

Make each prompt your own. Every prompt contains multiple cues to choose between. Customize every prompt to fit your goals and style.

Develop your concept art with depth and nuance. The cards provide a powerful starting point for launching into concept art, exploring setting details, and developing aesthetically powerful settings.

For teachers.

Engage your students. The deck introduces an element of student-led play that hooks students into creative activities.

Make learning immersive. Students grasp key concepts with a deeper and more intuituve understanding through hands-on learning.

Support your curriculum goals. We're developing a free set of lesson plans for integrating the deck in your classroom with ties to creative writing, English, history, geography, and anthropology.

Learn how to create immersive worlds

  • Region cards establish a main terrain type and act as a hub for arranging other cards.

  • Landmark cards provide geographical sites and points of interest.

  • Namesake cards combine with Regions or Landmarks to create in-world nicknames.

  • Origin cards record significant events of the area’s past.

  • Attribute cards highlight present-day features of the area and its people.

  • Advent cards introduce inciting events that may change the area’s future.

Combine cards into microsettings.

Each microsetting has a distinct past, present, and future rich in lore, culture, politics, ecology, and more.

Combine microsettings into immersive worlds.

Then dive in to explore your new world through writing or roleplay.

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