Storage Guide

We get lots of questions about the best way to store your collection of cards from The Story Engine Deck, Deck of Worlds, and the forthcoming Lore Master's Deck!

See our collection calculator to find out many cards are in your collection.

See our storage calculator to find out how many cards your boxes can hold.

We currently offer a set of 4 folding storage boxes, and we will be releasing new storage options in winter 2024. See the table below to choose the solution that's best for you.

Folding Storage Box

Economical option

Leviathan Storage Box

Comprehensive option

Tray Storage Box

Easy-to-grab option

Expansion Collector Storage Box

Collector bonus option

Storage Capacity 540 cards 1440 cards 576 cards 180 cards
Storage Style Vertical with 5 dividers Vertical in 24 trays Horizontal in 8 trays Horizontal in 3 trays
Dimensions 23 x 8.2 x 9.2 cm Approx. 32.5 x 31.5 x 9.5 cm Approx. 40 x 21.5 5 cm Approx. 32 x 13 x 5 cm
Available Designs

4 currently available: Book, Mask, Tree, Tower

2 forthcoming in 2024: Rogue, Heroes

2 forthcoming in 2024: Multiverse, Face 1 forthcoming in 2024 2 forthcoming in 2024: Lore Mastery, Bridge
  • Compact and portable
  • Note: Cards will slide around unless box is full
  • Comprehensive storage option
  • Good for sorting by expansion or card type
  • Easiest-to-organize
  • Easy to draw from
  • Horizontal trays easy to see and draw from
  • Same box style and size as Lore Master's Deck
  • Designed as a collector item hold the 2 expansion sets from Lore Master's Deck BackerKit campaign


Storage Styles

Vertical with dividers

This style of storage is used in our Folding Storage Boxes. 

Vertical in trays

This style of storage will be used in the Leviathan Storage Boxes.

Horizontal in trays

This storage style will be used in our Tray Storage Box and is currently used as the style of the boxes our main decks come in: The Story Engine Deck, Deck of Worlds, and Lore Master's Deck.