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The Story Engine Deck

Story Prompts Deck

Story Prompts Deck

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Say goodbye to writer's block.

The Story Engine Deck is a set of 180 cards for generating endless creative writing prompts, story ideas, character concepts, D&D campaign ideas, encounter ideas, character ideas, and more.

It runs on a simple, fast, open-ended system of drawing and arranging cards to create customized prompts.

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      However you tell stories, the deck can help.

      For writers.

      Start writing faster. Jumpstart your creative process and make the most of your writing time.

      Create your best ideas. Create story seeds packed with interesting characters, motivations, conflicts.

      Enjoy the time you spend writing. The deck relieves creative paralysis and helps you enjoy the creative process through a balance of story structure and open-ended play.

      For D&D and TTRPG players.

      Make your game sessions more dynamic. Captivate your players with new stories, characters, items, settings, and more.

      Pull the party into the heart of the story. Use our "locked card" mechanic to create campaign ideas and NPC motivations built around your players.

      Be ready for anything your players throw at you. If your story goes off the rails, you can create new plots, NPCs, items, and settings on the fly.

      For artists.

      Create instant artistic ideas. Give yourself engaging ideas for scenes or character concepts within seconds.

      Expand your artistic range. Break away from your usual habits and introduct new elements of story, setting, character, and motivation into your scenes and portraits.

      Make each prompt your own. Every prompt contains multiple cues to choose between. Customize every prompt to fit your goals and style.

      For teachers.

      Engage your students. The deck introduces an element of student-led play that hooks students into writing as a creative activity.

      Introduce the fundamentals of story. The five card types introduce essential story concepts like character, motivation, setting, conflict, and description.

      Support your curriculum goals. We offer a free set of lesson plans for integrating the deck in your classroom.

      Unlock your creativity

      • Agents are characters who make choices in the story.

      • Engines are motivations and relationships that drive the story.

      • Anchors are objects, locations, or events of importance.

      • Conflicts are obstacles, consequences, or dilemmas.

      • Aspects are adjectives that describe other cards.

      • Draw Cards.

        The deck's five card types represent the basic elements of story. Combine them to create story ideas, character prompts, and more.

      • Rotating this Agent card deactivates the cue

        Rotate Cues.

        Cards have multiple suggestions, called cues. Rotate cards to change cues, customize your prompt, and spark new creative ideas.

      • Start Writing.

        When you’re happy with your prompt, start writing! If you get stuck, the included guidebook will help troubleshoot your idea.

      • "...built to fuel the creative fire within Dungeon Masters, writers and teachers"

        Forbes Magazine

      • "I've found this to be very useful while writing."

        Jamie McKelvie, creator of The Wicked + The Divine

      • "I use them for plotting and love them."

        Aliette de Bodard, World Fantasy Award-winning author