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Story Engine + Deck of Worlds

"Alpha & Omega" Bundle Deluxe

"Alpha & Omega" Bundle Deluxe

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Generate endless stories and explore limitless horizons with the ultimate storytelling and worldbuilding bundle. This 1,548-card collection comes with The Story Engine Deck, Deck of Worlds, and every single booster and expansion we’ve released for both systems, along with limited-edition extras like folding storage boxes and deluxe playmats that make card handling a breeze.

Kick off your next story with a compelling character from The Story Engine, then set them loose in a dynamic setting created with Deck of Worlds

Features and Benefits

  • 1,548 cards and more unique prompt combinations than we can count

  • Generate new story hooks and fictional locations in seconds

  • Mix and match cards from 15 expansions and 12 boosters to tell stories in any genre

  • Endless card combinations mean you'll never run out of ways to captivate your players

  • Printed on durable 350gsm artpaper card stock

  • Storage and organization for every card in your collection

  • Deluxe playmats for easy card handling


    • The Story Engine Deck

    • "Tell Your Story" Playmat

    • 2 x Story Engine folding storage boxes

    • 6 x Story Engine Expansions

      • Fantasy 

      • Horror 

      • Science Fiction 

      • Mystery 

      • Backstory 

      • Unique Items 

    • 12 x Story Engine Boosters

      • Fairy Tales 

      • Mythology 

      • Eldritch Horror 

      • Gothic Horror 

      • Pulp Fiction 

      • Steampunk 

      • Cyberpunk 

      • Western 

      • Dystopian 

      • Post-apocalyptic 

      • Military Sci-fi

      • Superheroes

    • Deck of Worlds

    • "Build Your World" Playmat

    • 2 x Deck of Worlds folding storage boxes

    • 9 x Deck of Worlds Expansions

      • Fantasy 

      • Horror 

      • Science Fiction 

      • Coastlines 

      • Desert

      • Arctic

      • Culture Keyholes

      • Adventure Prompts

      • Lore Fragments

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    However you tell stories, the deck can help.

    For D&D and TTRPG players.

    Make your game sessions more dynamic. Captivate your players with new stories, settings, and more.

    Pull the party into the heart of the story. Use our "locked card" mechanic to create campaign ideas and NPC motivations built around your players.

    Be ready for anything your players throw at you. If your story goes off the rails, you can create new plots, NPCs, items, and settings on the fly.

    For writers.

    Start writing faster. Jumpstart your creative process and make the most of your writing time.

    Create your best ideas. Create story seeds and settings packed with interesting characters, motivations, conflicts.

    Enjoy the time you spend writing. The decks relieve creative paralysis and help you enjoy the creative process through a balance of story structure and open-ended play.

    For teachers.

    Engage your students. Introduce an element of student-led play that hooks students into writing as a creative activity.

    Introduce the fundamentals of story and setting. Card types introduce essential story concepts like character, motivation, setting, conflict, and description and world concepts like geography, ecology, culture, and more.

    Support your curriculum goals. We offer a free set of lesson plans for integrating the decks in your classroom.

    Sleeves, storage, and more accessories