$1,807.80 Raised for Doctors Without Borders

By Peter Chiykowski

Last week I announced our PDF fundraiser for humanitarian relief through Doctors Without Borders.

I'm thrilled to announce that with your help we raised $1807.80 for urgent aid programs in war-affected areas.

Image of The Story Engine Deck with the US$1,807.80 fundraising total and screenshot donation confirmation email for CA$2,270 to Doctors Without Borders.

I also wanted to update that, at the recommendation of Doctors Without Borders, we made an unrestricted donation, meaning that we left the non-profit with the discretion to decide which programs to allocate the the funds to. While DWB do accept program-specific donations through urgent appeals, they prefer that donors donate unrestricted funds allowing the non-profit to stay agile in their response to global events.

I chose Doctors Without Borders as our partner specifically because they work in both Ukraine and Syria and I was impressed with their transparency, governance, and program efficacy. An unrestricted donation, while not the original intent of the fundraiser, will allow them to do the greatest good they can in both regions, which are both urgent priorities for war relief.

If any fundraising participants have concerns about this change of plan, please get in touch via our contact form and we'll discuss how to ensure we allocate funds to specific regions and/or programs.

Thanks to everyone who participated or helped us boost the signal of the fundraiser!

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