Announcing 2 New Expansions: Clowns & *More* Clowns

Today, The Story Engine Deck is thrilled to announce 2 hot new expansions for storytellers of all genres.

Please keep in mind that these expansions are totally real and definitely not a joke.

All the Clowns We Found In Your Nightmares: Clown Nightmares Expansion

Deck expansion image featuring a scary clown

As we all know, all stories can be divided into one of 3 archetypal categories:

  • Man vs Man
  • Man vs Nature
  • Man vs Clown

For too long, literature has been dominated by stories of the first 2 types.

Finally, today, a new genre of storytelling will emerge.

The clown nightmare genre.

Read on, dear reader, and definitely don't stop to check the date as you read.

Oh Sh*t We Found More Clowns: Clown Nightmares Double-Down Expansion

Another deck image featuring a terrifying clown

Look, we know there's no such thing as too much of a good thing.

That's why, at the same time as launching a dedicated expansion featuring 60 unique nightmare clowns, we are also releasing a second horrifyingly redundant expansion with 60 additional nightmare clowns that showed up after we cut off clown intake for the first expansion. These are cards that will remind you that you can't spell "manslaughter" without "man's laughter."

Again, we would like to remind you that these expansions are:

  1. Definitely very real.
  2. Not a prank.
  3. Not related to today's date in any way.

To preorder your deck, just dream yourself into a clown nightmare and scream your order into the mouth of the first clown to approach you.

Please note that we will not be accepting orders via clown daymares or confusingly erotic clown dreams (for those who are into that kind of thing, no judgment).

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