Handy Tips for Folding Storage Boxes & Accessories

Everyone likes a good accessory. The right accessory can even save your life – if bandits have come to burn the village and your ring gives you +2 resistance against fire.

Thankfully, not every situation is quite that dire. Sometimes an accessory is there to bring a look together - or to hold things together, in the case of a collection!  

Let's look at a couple of Story Engine accessories and how best to use them!

Folding Storage Boxes

We know our cards are a unique size and our collection of decks, expansions, and boosters keeps growing. That's why we provide our customers with convenient storage options. We use our Folding Storage Boxes for our own collections, and we've found these hacks to be helpful if you want to make the most out of your space!

  • Taking Expansions and Boosters out of their original packaging allows you to grab them more quickly when it’s time to create. If you do go that route, you can drape the Guidebooks over our storage dividers (or index cards) to keep everything separate. It also makes it easier to find the set you’re looking for if you want to work with one specific set of cards.
  • Sometimes you’ll have a bit of space left over after storing your collection. If that’s the case, you can use empty Booster or Expansion boxes to fill in the gaps and prevent cards from sliding around. It’s a great way to reuse the original boxes if you want to hang on to them!

Our Folding Storage Boxes are wide enough to hold Expansions and Boosters in their original packaging, and two of them will give you enough space to hold a complete set of The Story Engine Deck or Deck of Worlds (including either core deck and all of its respective Expansions). Three Boxes is enough to hold every card we’ve released thus far. Add a fourth, and you’ll be ready to store Lore Master’s Deck when physical copies ship next year. 

You can use our handy storage calculator to figure out the size of your collection – and determine exactly how many Folding Boxes you’ll need to keep it contained!

A Better Place to Play

If you like working on large prompts with multiple cards, our Tell Your Story and Build Your World Playmats are portable, durable, and make for the perfect surface for picking up, dealing, stacking, and moving cards.Plus, they feature the same stunning artwork that you’ve seen on The Story Engine and Deck of Worlds.

They also keep your cards away from whatever edible detritus has been left behind on the kitchen table. It’s a heck of a lot easier to pick cards up off a mat than it is to pick them up off a sticky counter, so your cards stay in mint condition (with no stains or worn edges) when you take them out to make another prompt!

Our Playmats and Storage Boxes are both perfect additions if you’ve got a spare accessory slot. Pick yours up today to add a bit of style to your Story Engine experience!

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