Officially Unboxing The Story Engine Deck (With Improvised Demo)!

I was shaking with the excitement the day the final produced copies of The Story Engine deck arrived. I set up a camera to record opening and seeing it for the first time, and OH MY GOODNESS, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Every detail of the boxes, card design, colour matching, main deck tray—everything came out absolutely stunning!

I show everything in the video itself, so I won’t go on and on here, but it’s definitely worth watching! I even recorded a spur-of-the-moment prompt that was a lot of fun.

I will be releasing some more videos and demos in the coming weeks, so please subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates!

One thing that didn’t make it into the video, but I wanted to flag: the main deck box doesn’t quite have enough room for all expansions and boosters combined on top of the main deck, which had been a goal of mine.

Here’s what does fit in the main box:

  • Main deck + every card in the thickest sleeves I could find
  • Main deck + all 3 expansions
  • Main deck + all 6 boosters

But unfortunately not the main deck + all expansions + boosters. Sorry! I really wanted this box to accommodate everything. I will look into all-in storage solutions as a future project! Until then, the expansion and booster boxes are durable and reusable, and do an excellent job of storing cards long-term.

In fact, you can watch how nicely the booster packaging turned out in this short clip!


You can also see the clip on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Over the coming days and weeks we'll be posting more glamour shots and shipping updates, so be sure to follow us for updates!

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