Our April Fool's prank went horribly right: The Penguins Expansion

by Eric Weiss

For April Fool's Day, we released Oops! All Penguins!, a free, limited-edition Story Engine expansion that contains 60 Agent cards - every single one of which says "A Penguin" four times over! To quote the product description:

"Everything is penguins now. Go create an all-penguin D&D campaign. Write Penguin Pride and Prejudice. No one can stop you. No kings, no gods, only penguins."


We've since taken Oops! All Penguins! down from our store, and it's not going back anytime soon (we weren't kidding when we said these are limited-edition penguins). But we had so much fun we thought it would be a shame if it all disappeared without a trace. We put together this blog post to serve as a landing page - a record of the hilarity (and the penguins) that took over our site for a day. 

We also wanted to thank you for making April 1 so much fun for us. We kept giggling while we were making the deck - but we had even more fun once you got your hands on it! Your reviews, in particular, put a huge smile on our face because we truly never expected that level of engagement. You knocked it out of the park with your responses (and with your responses to those responses), and that deserves more than an abandoned store page. 

That's why this post will stay up to provide penguins in perpetuity. Thank you thanks to everyone who participated, and make our penguin conservation drive a huge April Fool's success!

P.S. In case you were curious, 277 people downloaded the deck, which means there are now 66,480 more penguins in the world (277 decks x 60 cards x 4 penguins/card = 66,480 penguins). 

P.P.S. No penguins were hurt in the making of this expansion.

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