Finding Square Card Sleeves for The Story Engine Deck

by Peter Chiykowski

Update 22 December 2022: We now offer our own sleeves fitted specifically for The Story Engine Deck, Deck of Worlds, and the new storage boxes! We've updated our original review to include these, and to note sleeves we previously recommended but are now a little too oversized to fit the new optional storage box accessory.

One of the most common questions I got during The Story Engine Deck 2019 Kickstarter was this: "Will the box fit cards with protective sleeves?"

Right after that came: "How do I even find sleeves to fit the square cards of The Story Engine?"

I thought I'd walk you through my findings on sleeves.

Sleeving your square cards

First up, yes, the main deck box for The Story Engine Deck can fit the entire deck with even the thickest card sleeves on the market.

To learn more about how sleeves affect your storage options (and how many sleeves you need for your collection),check out our card calculator!

I worked through several iterations of the box design with the factory to make sure the card trays could take a sleeved deck in stack height. The main deck box can also accommodate an unsleeved main deck with 3 expansions and 2-4 boosters (depending on how tight you pack them in).

We also ensured that each tray was wide enough to fit up to 80 mm x 80 mm plastic sleeves. That said, we have found that 80mm sleeves do not fit will with our new line of storage boxes. For our new storage boxes, we recommend focusing on 76mm or 78mm sleeves.

To make things easier for deck users to find the right sleeve fit, I decided to quickly identify five different types of sleeves to fit your deck! Here's what I found!

Square card sleeves that fit The Story Engine Deck and our new storage box accessory

Official sleeves for The Story Engine Deck

Photo of a pack of Story Engine sleeves sitting on a word wooden table

Along with our printing of Deck of Worlds and reprint of The Story Engine Deck, we produced a limited run of fitted sleeves in partnership with our factory. These are light-medium thickness (60 microns) and designed for an ideal fit with our cards.

Third party sleeves

Kickstarter backer Jason Sergeant has found that 78mm or 76mm square sleeves fit The Story Engine Deck even more snugly than the 80mm sleeves listed below. He recommends the Sleeve Kings 76mm x 76mm sleeves that are 60 microns thick:

Other sleeves that fit The Story Engine main deck box but NOT our optional storage box accessory

Before we designed a storage box accessory and our own sleeves for The Story Engine Deck, we previously reviewed a series of third-party square sleeves that were the closest natural fit.

We no longer recommend these for anyone thinking of picking up a storage box, but they still offer a fine option for those storing their cards in the main deck box or third-party storage solutions.

Mayday Games Premium Card Sleeves

SKU: MDG-7145

# per package: 50

Size: 80mm x 80mm

Summary: These sleeves fit our main deck boxes but do NOT fit our new optional storage box accessory. Otherwise they have a nice thickness and are a good option for sizing.


  • These sleeves are heavy-duty, archival safe, acid-free, and contain no PVC
  • They are super satisfying to shuffle and grip nicely
  • They fit nicely in the interior card trays of the box
  • They are sturdy enough to hold up to abuse, and they truly feel like they’re protecting your cards


  • They do NOT fit our new optional storage box accessory.
  • They are the most expensive of the sleeves I tested
  • If you like lighter sleeves, these may be bulky

Tip: Don’t get these confused with the 100-pack of non-premium sleeves from Mayday Games. They have very similar packaging.

Buy links:

  • Mayday Games (USA)
  • Atomic Empire (USA)
  • Spiral Galaxy Games (UK)
  • Zatu Games (UK)
  • A Muse n Games (Canada)
  • D6 Marketplace (Canada, currently out of stock)
  • (Canada)
  • Amazon (UK, Canada, USA

Sleeve Kings Medium Square Card Sleeves

SKU: SKS-8815

# per package: 110

Size: 80mm x 80mm

Summary: Slightly stronger than the average penny sleeves with good value on the dollar.


  • Archival quality, acid-free, no PVC.
  • A little lighter, but also less bulky than the Mayday Premiums
  • Still hold up quite nicely when shuffling, but a little slippery
  • Good pricing
  • A great pick for those who don’t like heavy sleeves


  • I feel like these might start to show wear and tear if used a lot
  • They have a little more slip than the Mayday Premiums

Buy links:

Mayday Games Card Sleeves 

SKU: MDG-7125

# per package: 100

Size: 80mm x 80mm

Summary: Pretty standard penny sleeves with good value on the dollar. They feel just a little bit flimsier than Sleeve Kings.


  • Acid-free, no PVC
  • Cheap and easy to find
  • A lightweight way to protect your cards


  • A little slippery
  • They feel fairly flimsy
  • I feel like these will start to show their wear and tear fairly quickly

Tip: These are a lighter version of the Mayday Premiums from the same maker. See above!

Buy links:

  • Mayday Games (USA)
  • Atomic Empire (USA)
  • Columbia Hobby (USA)
  • Zatu Games (UK)
  • BG Extras (UK)
  • A Muse n Games (Canada)
  • D6 Marketplace (Canada, currently out of stock)
  • Amazon (USA, UK, Canada)

Panasia Games Swan Sleeves

SKU: 4714398490928

# per package: 150

Size: 80mm x 80mm

Summary: I really didn't like these, but they are the cheapest, so there's that.


  • Acid-free, no PVC
  • Inexpensive
  • Very clear plastic


  • Super flimsy
  • Very slippery
  • So lightweight that they have trouble squaring up inside the trays

Buy links:

Note: There seem to be a couple of locations selling a thicker version of this sleeve. I haven't sampled it and can't offer and specific information.

  • BG Extras (UK)
  • Swan Panasia Games (Site)
  • Meeples Boardgame Store (Malaysia)


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