The Definitive Story Engine Storage Guide

By Eric Weiss

Here at The Story Engine, we know that storage is important. Maybe you want something that will fit neatly on a bookshelf. Maybe organization brings focus to your creative process.

Thankfully, we’ve got storage solutions for every kind of writer – and you can now read all about them in our new Storage Guide! Our Folding Storage Boxes are perfect for those who like to keep everything compact, while our forthcoming Tray Storage Box is ideal for those who want to grab cards quickly. Meanwhile, our Leviathan Storage Boxes are there for the writer that wants it all. Two Leviathans can hold every card we’ve released thus far, in vertical trays that allow you to differentiate between decks and expansions while they’re still in the box.

We’re also releasing a pair of Collector’s Storage Boxes to hold our Lore Master’s Deck Expansions. They may not be the most economical solution, but they are a true collector’s item for those who appreciate a bit of flair!

If you need to know how many boxes you need, the Storage Guide has additional links to our Collection and Storage Calculators. The Collection Calculator will tell you exactly how many cards are in your collection, using a simple checkbox system that covers all of our decks, boosters, and expansions. The Storage Calculator, on the other hand, will tell you how many total cards (both sleeved and unsleeved) your Storage Boxes will hold.

Leviathan Storage Box (Front)Leviathan Storage Box (Top)

Together, the two calculators allow you to sort your collection in advance, so you can order the right number (and the right type) of storage boxes for all of your cards. At the very least, you’ll never need to worry about coming up short. You can be assured that you have enough space for everything before you make any card or storage purchase.

As with writing, there are no wrong answers when it comes to storage. It’s just about finding the system that works best for you. We’ve even provided visual aids to give you a better sense of how the different options will work in practice, so head on over to our Resources section to read the Storage Guide and optimize your Story Engine set up!

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