The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds Now LIVE on Kickstarter

I'm thrilled to announced that the standalone sequel to The Story Engine Deck has just launched on Kickstarter!

Deck of Worlds helps you build lore-rich micro-settings in minutes and assemble them into sprawling, connected worlds you can explore through writing, your favorite RPG system, or even as a solo RPG!

The box design for Deck of Worlds.

This time I've brought on a talented international team of writers to help me round out the variety of ideas in the deck. They've already raised the bar from the prompts I wrote for the alpha deck to incredible heights.

I've also tapped some writers and artists to create sample micro-settings to showcase the power of the deck. You can see the full list of collaborators on the Kickstarter page!

Photo of a map of Deck of Worlds cards laid out on a wooden box in a forest.

The campaign will also feature a Story Engine master box stretch goal, and new expansions and boosters for the original Story Engine Deck.

Mystery Expansion for The Story Engine Deck featuring 2 Agent Cards and 2 Anchor Cards.

Please consider pledging the campaign. The more support we get on day 1, the more the Kickstarter algorithm will introduce Deck of Worlds and The Story Engine to new writers, storytellers, and DMs. Even small pledges make a huge difference!

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