You get a free deck of writing prompts. We plant a tree.

by Eric Weiss

Stories are like trees. They grow in unexpected ways, they’re stronger when they have good roots, and they have lots of twisting branches that keep you guessing until the very end. Here at The Story Engine, we’re always happier when we have more of both.

From now until Nov. 23, we'll plant a tree for every new sign up for one of our free demo deck PDFs.

Sign up for our demo deck of story prompts using the form above, or click here to sign up for our demo deck of worldbuilding prompts.

Now is the perfect time to give our decks a try if you've been on the fence, or tell a friend you've been wanting to share the decks with!

Know someone doing NaNoWriMo? Or planning a D&D campaign? Or looking to level up their storytelling/worldbuilding skills? Share this link or send them to the sign up pages for our story prompts demo deck and our worldbuilding prompts demo deck.

The Story Engine can help you unlock a story you’ve been struggling with, while Deck of Worlds can give your characters some exciting new settings to explore!

As always, all trees will be planted through Eden Reforestation, a fantastic organization that spearheads global conservation efforts. We've already blogged about why their our nonprofit of choice for tree planting

We happen to think that conservation and creativity go hand in hand, so we can't wait to see what grows out of your imaginations!

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