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The Story Engine Deck

PDF Story Prompts Deck

PDF Story Prompts Deck

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Receive instant access to a print-and-play PDF of The Story Engine Deck, a set of 180 cards for generating endless creative writing prompts, story ideas, character concepts, D&D campaign ideas, encounter ideas, character ideas, and more.

It runs on a simple, fast, open-ended system of drawing and arranging cards to create customized prompts. The deck includes an 8-page guidebook to creating different styles of prompt, including multiplayer prompts and collaborative storytelling.

Your files will include high-quality layout cards (6/page), eco layout cards (12/page), the guidebook, and instructions for printing and assembling your deck.

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    High-quality PDFs delivered instantly.

    The PDFs you receive are the same size as the real deck and include crop marks and assembly instructions.

    Save on ink and paper.

    Every PDF purchase includes an eco variant with 2.75" cards that are printer-friendly.