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PDF Lesson Activity #3: Create Your Own Cards for The Story Engine Deck

PDF Lesson Activity #3: Create Your Own Cards for The Story Engine Deck

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Objective: Participants will learn what the card types for The Story Engine Deck are and how they work together to create “Story Seeds.” They will then create their own cards, allowing them to use customized story prompts for their storytelling, writing, and creativity or to share with others.

Course connections: English Language Arts


Estimated time:

  • Lesson: 30 minutes
  • Writing: 30 minutes
  • Reflection: 10 minutes

Assessment: Review the cards participants create for accuracy in following instructions. Participants may also be assessed on their collaborative work, if applicable.

Alternatives and accommodations:

  • Write the category explanations in Step 3 on cue cards. Allow participants to reference these cue cards as they create their cards for The Story Engine Deck.
  • Split participants into five groups, assign each group one of the card categories. Have participants create new cards for their assigned category.
  • If participants are new to The Story Engine Deck, precede or follow this lesson with another lesson or activity such as, “What’s in a story?”, or “Whose story is it?”, or “Nine Ways to Write a Story with The Story Engine Deck.”
  • Take time to pause during the card creation time. Ask participants if there are perspectives you might be missing? Details you may be overlooking? Places or things you did not consider? Motivations that are unaccounted for?

For at-home use:

  • Be a role model. Show that story writing and storytelling is for everyone by working alongside learners to create cards for The Story Engine Deck.
  • Take time for inspiration. Take breaks while creating the cards to go for a walk, read a story or poem, or visit with family or friends. What did you see? Who did you meet? What details did you observe? Where did you go?
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