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PDF Deck of Worlds Expanded Guidebook

PDF Deck of Worlds Expanded Guidebook

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Off the Beaten Path: Deck of Worlds Expanded Guidebook contains a 30-page guidebook featuring 7 entirely new play modes for Deck of Worlds complete with instructions, rolling tables, and adaptations for integrating The Story Engine and Lore Master's Deck.

The PDF includes:

  • Planets Module: Create a dynamic planet with unique climate zones, sentient inhabitants, world cultures, and more.
  • Pilgrim Module: Create a journal for a traveler taking a journey through a fictional world.
  • Trade Relations Module: Explore how two microsettings might develop a trade relationship that shapes the history and future of the world.
  • Ecosystems Module: Explore the ecology of a microsetting, from its apex predators down to its primary energy producers, such as plants and fungi.
  • Explorer Module: Create a hand-drawn map charting an explorer's solitary journey across uncharted wilderness as they navigate hazards, make discoveries, and venture past the borders of the known world.
  • Cultural Exchange Module: Explore how the cultures of two microsettings might influence one another over a decade, century, and millennium.
  • Pen Pals Module: Worldbuild your setting through the eyes of two pen pals exchanging letters from different parts of the world.

See a preview of the Expanded Guidebook in our Deck of Worlds new resources unveiling livestream and see a demo of the Ecosystems Module and Pilgrim Module during our Deck of Worlds 3-year anniversary livestream.

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