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The Story Engine Deck

"Starter" Story Prompts Expansion Set

"Starter" Story Prompts Expansion Set

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This set of 3 expansions for The Story Engine Deck was launched with the original deck in 2019-2020.

Each expansion contains 60 cards focused on developing the genre elements of your stories: 12 Agents, 12 Engines, 12 Anchors, 12 Conflicts, and 12 Aspects.

Written in Dragonfire: Fantasy Expansion is for creating fantasy writing prompts, story ideas, character concepts, D&D campaign ideas, encounter ideas, character ideas, and more.

Written in the Light of Strange Worlds: Science Fiction Expansion is for anything from tech-driven science fiction, to dystopian futurism, space travel, alien contact, artificial intelligence and beyond.

Written in Ash & Bone: Horror Expansion is for anything from psychological thrillers, to ghost stories, slashers, paranormal investigation, occult musings, creepypasta, classic monster stories, and more.

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    • "...built to fuel the creative fire within Dungeon Masters, writers and teachers"

      Forbes Magazine

    • "I've found this to be very useful while writing."

      Jamie McKelvie, creator of The Wicked + The Divine

    • "I use them for plotting and love them."

      Aliette de Bodard, World Fantasy Award-winning author