Folding Storage Box: Book Design

Folding Storage Box: Book Design

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Sort and store your collection with a simple foldable storage box made of durable cardboard printed with beautiful full-panel artwork. Includes 5 decorative card dividers.

To calculate how many boxes you’ll need to store your cards, see our collection calculator

What can the box fit?

Boxes are 8.2cm x 9.2cm x 23cm and are sized to fit both our cards and our expansion and booster boxes. One box can hold approximately:

This style of simple folding storage box works best when the box is full. Place filler material, such as empty expansion/booster boxes, crumpled newspaper, or bubble wrap to fill any remaining space and secure cards.

*The box also fits third-party sleeves up to 78mm in size; sleeves larger than 78mm may need to be stored at a slight angle.

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