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The Story Engine Deck

"Dreamer" Story Prompts Booster Set

"Dreamer" Story Prompts Booster Set

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This set of 6 new boosters for The Story Engine Deck was announced through the second wave of deck releases in 2021-2022.

It features unique cards focused on the subgenres of fairy tales, superheroes, pulp fiction, military sci-fi., westerns, and gothic horror.

Each booster in this set contains 20 cards: 4 Agents, 4 Engines, 4 Anchors, 4 Conflicts, and 4 Aspects.

  • Fairy Trails & Grim Tales: Fairy Tale Booster
  • Superpowers & Sidekicks: Superhero Booster
  • Pulp Tales & Penny Dreadfuls: Pulp Fiction Booster
  • Dropships & War Hawks: Military Sci Fi Booster
  • Outlaws & Gunslingers: Western Booster
  • Empty Graves & Haunted Halls: Gothic Booster
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