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The Story Engine Anthology

The Story Engine Anthology

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Receive the anthology of postcard fiction written by Peter Chiykowski during the development of The Story Engine Deck.

The book collects 101 of the most powerful, piercing, and delightfully original postcard stories from Peter Chiykowski’s weekly microfiction project, The Shortest Story. In one tale, a lighthouse keeper unveils the true purpose of the mysterious black beacon. In another, a courier shares the secret of how dreams are delivered every night—and what happens when a delivery goes wrong.

The volume features 20 never-before-seen tales, along with 18 stories narrated by:

  • Cecil Baldwin (Welcome to Night Vale)
  • Lydia Nicholas (Rusty Quill Gaming)
  • Jonathan Sims (The Magnus Archives)

As well as 16 guest stories by Sonya Ballantyne, L. X. Beckett, S. M. Beiko, Benoit Chartier, Sebastian A. Jones, Kat Kruger, Cintain M. Quintana, Kari Maaren, Shiv MacFarlane, James Miller, Chinelo Onwualu, Jordan Shiveley, Jonathan Sims, James J. Stevenson, Jason Taniguchi, and O. Westin.

Note: Not available to ship to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and parts of Africa serviced by our Pacific fulfillment hub.

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