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Deck of Worlds

Creative Worldbuilding Expansion Set

Creative Worldbuilding Expansion Set

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Save money by buying a set of all 3 creative expansions for Deck of WorldsEach expansion in this set contains 60 cards focused on building creative prompts to develop and explore your world with.

Shared Hearths & Common Creeds: Culture Keyholes Expansion features 60 cards with 240 culture-focused worldbuilding questions that act as keyholes for opening larger aspects of your setting. See demo.

Fresh Ink & Ancient Song: Lore Fragments Expansion features prompts for creating in-world lore fragments in a variety of media: poems, prayers, floorplans, sketches, drinking songs, campfire stories, overheard conversations, tavern jokes, and more. See demo.

Heroes' Quests & Fools' Errands Adventure Prompts Expansion creates customizable story hooks set in your world. They provide a simple quest/adventure framework with sockets for attaching details taken from your setting or cards drawn from The Story Engine Deck.

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