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Lore Master's Deck

PDF Lore Master's Deck

PDF Lore Master's Deck

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Receive instant access to a print-and-play PDF of Lore Master's Deck, the ultimate creative jumpstarter for writers, GMs, Dungeon Masters, and worldbuilders who want to fill their stories with rich, interconnected lore.

It runs on a simple, fast, open-ended system of drawing and arranging cards to create customized prompts. The deck includes an 8-page guidebook to creating different styles of prompt, including multiplayer prompts and collaborative storytelling.

Lore Master's Deck uses 8 interlinking card types to generate customizable and interconnected prompts for factions, notable figures, world events, locations, objects of note, crafting materials, creatures, and more. The system is powered by your imagination, providing a simple, fluid framework for you to generate lore ideas by creating clusters of related cues. Each new piece of lore connects to the others you've already created, helping you build a web of intrigue that binds your world and story together.

Your files will include high-quality layout cards (6/page), eco layout cards (12/page), the guidebook, and instructions for printing and assembling your deck.

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